Pet Waste Removal, A Valuable Service for Colorado Pet Owners

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According to the ASPCA, there over 78.2 million Denver homeowners love their pets.  In fact, Colorado ranks in the top 15 states for pet ownership, with nearly 62 percent of people owning at least one pet.  Denver was even ranked 16th on’s list of the best cities in the United States for dogs.  Denver’s love of dogs is evidenced by their nine off-leash dog parks, 111 stores related to pets, and several ice cream places that will serve your dog a special treat.  There are many reasons why people love and pamper their pets.

Why We Love Mans Best Friends (including cats)

cute cats and dogs

Our cats and dogs bring us companionship, comfort, recreation, exercise, loyalty, and many other positive aspects into our lives. However, they also bring some unwanted things with their presence, such as their waste.  Many people are surprised to learn how much waste one dog can produce.  The average dog excretes about 152 pounds of solid waste per year.  This is a lot of waste to pick up throughout the course of a year, especially if you own more than one dog.  In a city of 100,000 people, just dogs will produce about 2.5 tons of feces each day.  Over 20 million E. coli bacteria are found in only one gram of dog feces.  Additionally, dog waste is one of the top contributors that introduced bacteria into contaminated waters.  Most dog owners begrudgingly make their way out to the yards to pick up after their dogs on a somewhat regular basis.  Families with dogs will often make their older children take on this chore, but tire of the endless whining and complaints.  When it comes to dog waste, it often seems as there is no good answer.

But What About the Poop Problem?

If you are struggling to keep up with your dog’s poop outside, or it’s simply a job you cannot stomach, help is here.  There are now businesses strictly dedicated to the proper removal and disposal of pet waste in the yard.  Pooper scooper services are a newer service for most Americans.  These services are convenient and cost effective.  They save pet owners the time and hassle of this dirty, yet necessary job.  For pet waste removal, look for a pooper scooper service such as DoodyCalls in Denver. Services can generally be set up on a weekly schedule, just like your weekly trash pick-up.  Many dog poop pickup services also offering more frequent visits and even one time pickups to make your life easier.

Pet waste disposal services offer many benefits. Timely and frequent dog waste pickup can make the sanitation around your home better, as well as make your lawn’s appearance better.  Your neighbors will also appreciate the more pleasant smell of schedule dog waste removal services.  You and your family can enjoy your lawn more, without the worry of stepping in piles of pet waste.  Hiring a pet waste removal and disposal service will put this chore on auto-pilot for you and you will not even have to think about.  However, perhaps the greatest benefit of all is not having to deal with your dog’s stinky mess yourself.  These services are highly affordable and well-worth the expense paying someone else to do.

If you are ready to let go of picking up your dog’s waste, it’s time to check out a pooper scooper service.  With a trusted pooper scooper service in Denver on your side, there is nothing left to do but enjoy the love and companionship of your dog.

Benefits to Owning a Dog as a Senior

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senior dog

Retirement comes with many welcome qualities – you no longer have to set your alarm in the morning to get to work, and you have so much more free time that you can now spend on your hobbies and visiting with friends and family. But after a while, after the “honeymoon phase” of retirement wears off, you may find yourself bored, lonely, and spending your days loafing abo
ut the house. A great way to combat the retirement blues is to adopt a dog. Dogs are wonderful companion animals that can complement your lifestyle and improve your overall well-being. Here are some things to consider if you are a senior feeling lonely or depressed in retirement:

Gets you into a routine

You may not have to set your alarm anymore, or work on a tight schedule, but that doesn’t mean you should spend the day in bed. Having a dog will motivate you to get up early to take care of your furry friend, giving you a reason to get out of the bed each day and get moving. It’ll make you feel good having a sense of structure to your day.


If you’re feeling lonely or depressed, the right dog will make a great friend. He will love you unconditionally and be excited to see you every day, greeting you with a friendly face and a wagging tail. Having a dog will also help you to connect with other pet owners, and you might find yourself making new friends.


Exercise and staying fit is especially important for seniors. The need to take your dog out for a walk on a regular basis will get you started on an exercise routine, and you’ll have fun roaming the neighborhood with your canine.

Get out into the world

If you’re retired and don’t have to regularly step into the office, you might find yourself with little reason to get out of the house. Having a dog will help “get you out into the world,” as you have to take your dog out for walks, take him to the vet or pet supply store, and visit the park. You’ll feel great being out of the house, and you’ll have many opportunities to interact with people.

Decrease stress

It’s a proven fact that having a furry companion decreases stress. Loving your dog and being loved by your dog will make you feel good about yourself and give you a sense of purpose.

You’ll find that owning a dog will make you feel happy and loved. If you live alone and still feel like you’re lacking human companionship, consider contacting Seniors Helping Seniors, an organization that offers senior care in Noblesville for seniors looking for companionship or a little help around the house.

Why Your Dog Drinks Out of the Toilet

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Understanding Your Dog

Does your dog drink water out of the toilet?

There are two common reactions to seeing your dog do something so gross: point and laugh dog drinks out of toiletor yell and shoo them away. However, this doesn’t mean that your poor dog is crazy. He or she is actually following instincts and doing what they think will get them cleaner water.

In the wild, dogs know that it is better to drink fresh, running water than stagnant water that sits in the same place for too long. Toilets are constantly being flushed and the water is switched out regularly. Dog’s water bowls, on the other hand, are stagnant if you don’t change them out frequently enough. Dogs are drawn to the toilet because it more closely resembles water in a running stream. They actually think it is the freshest spot to take a drink!

What can I do?

The obvious solution is to either close the bathroom door or leave the toilet seat down to deter your pet. However, changing out their water bowl several times a day can also be a great way to keep them interested in it. If you can’t remember to keep the bathroom door closed, you could also purchase a pet fountain that puts running water through a dog’s bowl.

In case your dog still gets into the toilet, make sure you keep in clean. Use a scrub brush along with a gentle toilet bowl cleaner for the best results. Never leave a solution sitting in the toilet over night or use a strong cleaning agent like bleach. This will be more harmful to your pet than the dirty water itself.

People with pets are more prone to plumbing emergencies because sometimes dogs drop toys or bones down the toilet. If you have a clog or are in need of drain cleaning, contact a plumber such as Mr. Rooter of Central PA. Toilet issues are a huge inconvenience, so never wait around to get them fixed!

Why Chemdry is Great for Pet Owners

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There is a lot more that goes into being a pet owner than most people think. This is especially true if you have a dog or cat as they enjoy company and need regular attention. Aside from always having to be around to take care of your dog or cat to feed them and make sure they are happy and getting enough exercise, there are a lot of expenses as well. And while probably biggest expenses associated with being a pet owner are food costs and vet bills, I wanted to talk about another one.

Not because I want to explain about the cost, but because I have found it to be a great solution to a problem I think many other pet owners have. As the owner of two dogs and a cat I often experience pet stains on my couches, chairs, and carpets. But by using Chemdry for  upholstery cleaning service, im able to quickly have those stains removed before they set it permanently. Trust me when I say its better to pay for a pro to remove these messes than to get half the mess up yourself or worse yet have to buy new furniture.

My dogs are getting a lot better about not having accidents on the furniture or carpets but it dog after mess on couchstill occasionally happens. Not to mention all the dirt they track in often leaving visible paw prints everywhere. I would not recommend white or tan furniture if you have pets for this very reason because they won’t be looking like new for very long. So when your pets have an accident, try calling the experts at pet stain removal and I predict you will be glad you did. Now if I could only train my dogs to do the dishes I would be a happy pet owner!

Get Ready For a Puppy

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One of the most exciting times of life is bringing home your first puppy. They’re cute, cuddly, and fun to play with. They may make a mess, cry at night, and can be stubborn at times, but raising a new dog can be a great experience that turns into a strong companionship.

Before bringing home your dog, it’s important to research your breed. There are specific training methods, food, and toys that will help your puppy be happy, healthy, and cooperative. For instance, some puppies need 2 short walks a day to be calmer in the house and more obedient. Others may need an hour of running around and playing outside for the same effect.

Aside from researching training techniques, make sure you plan ahead for puppy proofing your house. There are a couple of basic ways to make sure your new dog stays safe and avoid emergency trips to the vet:

1)      Don’t plant anything that is poisonous when ingested by dogs. Research the plants that you currently have in your yard. If any of them are harmful, you should keep your dog on a leash in these areas or get rid of the plants all together. Some commonly grown plants that may be an issue are: aloe, holly, azaleas, and any bush with a small berry or fruit.

2)      Keep wires and chords tucked away. This may be a great opportunity for you to get an electric inspection. A company like Mr. Electric will go through your house and let you know of any safety hazards or processes that are not up to the state’s electrical code. This could help you eliminate the amount of wires and power chords that are laying across your floor.

3)      Keep bathroom doors closed. Not only can puppies drink out of the toilet bowl or jump into the toilet, the bathroom is also full of products with chemicals that are harmful to a dog. If a puppy eats shampoo, lotion, or soap, it will need an emergency trip to the vet.

4)      Overall, keep clean. Any small items that are lying around on the floor look like a toy to a puppy. Socks, marbles, and anything else that is small enough to swallow could end up in your dog’s stomach. Make sure the house stays extra tidy in the first year of your dogs

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Why It’s Important to Spay or Neuter Your Pet

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Like other cities throughout the country, Richmond is home to entirely too many dogs and cats that aren’t spayed or neutered. From my perspective, the biggest cause of this issue is a lack of education about the reasons why pets should be spayed or neutered. I can’t help but believe that, if people knew more about the benefits, more pets would have this safe and simple procedure.

Many believe that the sole benefit of this spaying and neutering is to prevent pregnancies in animals. Some believe that – if they watch their pets carefully, and make certain that their pet doesn’t mate with another – there really isn’t much purpose in getting the procedure done.

These ideas couldn’t be further from the truth. Spayed and neutered dogs and cats enjoy health and behavioral benefits that go far beyond putting a stop to unwanted pregnancies. If you have a dog or cat, here are just a few of the many reasons why you should re-consider getting the procedure:

Males that have been neutered and females that have been spayed are much less likely to get several serious diseases. Early procedures prevent males from getting testicular cancer and reduce the risk of diseases of the prostate. Spaying reduces the likelihood that females will get breast, ovarian, or uterine cancer.

The desire to mate has a great effect on the behavior of dogs and cats that haven’t been spayed or neutered. This desire can make males more aggressive, more likely to run away to seek a mate, and more likely to urinate inside the home to mark their territory. Females that haven’t been spayed will go into heat and may also urinate inside the home to advertise a willingness to mate.

Some pet owners are familiar with the benefits of spaying and neutering, but they still resist arranging for a procedure for their dogs or cats. They believe that – like any other surgical procedure – this one is going to be prohibitively expensive; despite the benefits to the animal, the community, and even themselves, they believe they can’t afford it.

If the cost for a spaying or neutering procedure is the hold-up, I would suggest calling some of Richmond’s animal hospitals to get some actual prices. The procedures are simple, and generally cost less than you would expect. The Richmond SPCA also offers low-cost spay and neuter services.

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’ve got a dog or cat that you love. Take the time to do something important, and arrange for your pet to be spayed or neutered without delay. There are few things you can do that can do more to ensure that your pet gets to share a long and happy life with you.

Tired of Dog Poop in Your Yard? Here’s a Scoop!

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For many, dogs are considered to be family members. They eagerly wait for us to come home every day, they go on our vacations, and sometimes even sleep in our beds. But no matter how much we love our dogs, there’s one thing we’ll never love about them: Day in and day out, they leave little messes in the yard.

I’m lucky in that my Bristow home features a large, well-kept yard. I’ve spent countless hours planting and watering to make it a place to enjoy. And I spend a lot of time stepping around the yard in my efforts to keep things neat. Too many times, my efforts to beautify my yard have resulted in my stepping into something I shouldn’t have. And my landscaping efforts are cut short as I have to remove and clean poop from my shoes – not a pleasant task.

Even so, discovering immediately that I’ve stepped in dog waste is preferable to discovering that fact after I’ve had a chance to walk around the carpet in my home. When that happens, I not only have to take the time to clean my shoes, but I feel compelled to steam clean the carpeting wherever I’ve tracked in the poop. That’s frustrating – and expensive if I have to call in a professional for the cleaning.

Instead, I’ve discovered another kind of professional to call – one who will keep my yard free from dog waste, and free me from the frustration of stepping in it. It’s a Bristow pet waste removal service called DoodyCalls. Their team will come into your yard, remove the poop, and then let you know that your yard has been cleaned.

If I’ve got the choice of paying someone to prevent me from stepping in poop to paying someone to clean up after I have… well, that’s an easy choice for me.

There are a lot of dogs here in Bristow, so I’d imagine there are a lot of dog owners who have stepped in the poop at least one too many times. If you’re one of them, check out DoodyCalls. Once your yard is clean, that dog you love will seem even more lovable.

Keeping Your Carpets Clean: Pets and All

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If you are like me, you love your dog almost more than anything in the world. I have a three year old beagle/pug mix named Walter. Most of the time Walter is a great family pet. He is always there to welcome me when I come home from a long day of work. However, one thing I don’t appreciate is when Walter has little accidents on my carpet. I live in the Northern VA area and I work hard to maintain and take care of my home. But just like that new car smell, stains and accidents are sure to damage your home carpets. That’s why it is best to treat your home carpets as fast as you can. I thought I would share my tips to troubleshooting and carpet cleaning to keep your home pristine even if you have pets.

First, advice on how to treat urine stains. Again, it is important to mop or blot up the urine puddle with a sponge or paper towel as quickly as possible. This prevents the stain from seeping into the carpet padding. If the stain is able to penetrate all the way to the carpet padding, permanently removing the stain may not be possible. Also, leaving the odor stain could signal to your dog that the space on your carpet is an accepted toilet. Next, apply a carpet digesting agent that is specifically designed to eliminate pet odors. Let the carpet cleaning agent sit on your flooring according to specified instructions.

Then, cover the area in question with plastic and using your body weight, step on the spot several times to make sure the solution has been soaked and absorbed. Make sure to leave the plastic on until the carpet area has had time to air dry. If there is still a lingering odor, sprinkle a mixture of 12 drops of lavender oil to one cup of bicarbonate soda. Let the solution sit for a couple hours and then vacuum your carpet. If you are looking to clean older or additional hard to treat pet stains for maximum results it is probably best to invest in professional carpet cleaning services.

Spring Decorating Tips

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It’s April and the sun is shining! In Richmond is wearing their spring colors. Take a stroll through Carytown or Short Pump Mall and you’ll see wonderfully vibrant sun dresses and short sleeve button ups. The earth naturally adorns itself with colors that accent the sidewalks and trees with blue, pink, and orange flower pedals. Oddly, enough we have a natural inclination to set aside the dark, stoic style of the winter and follow suit in our own fashion. In the same vein, home decorations can bring your living room and common areas alive like the streets of downtown Richmond.

Swap out pillow covers to create a new look without having to replace whole pieces of furniture.

Use window treatments like curtains as a way to draw attention to the whole room instead of just the couch or table that is the main attraction. Colored curtains or drapes can even cast a certain hue of light in to the room through the light that slips past the hanging fabric.

Use flowers to bring a little taste of organic art to the inside of your home.

Paint the ceiling of a white room a pale blue or gray color. If you have a bold personality and like to stand apart from the crowd, try a gentle lime green to really pop.

Spray paint an old chandelier to bring it out of the stone age. If you are the crafty type, buy some cheap strings of plastic jewels or glass beads to hang from it. If it is near a window, the light will catch the beads and shoot colorful beams of light against the wall.